Ivy Battery was funded by wealthy knowledge about LiFePO4 battery, EV pack, energy storage and smart control solutions. Safe EV pack solutions are at the heart of our product range and have been supplied successfully for many famous EV brands. For energy storage solutions, we developed intelligent EMS and BMS for optimizing energy utilization and maximizing electricity cost savings by peak shifting or solar generation self-consumption. Ivy Battery is aiming for providing safe and high efficiency energy solutions to our global customers on the strength of strong R&D capabilities, outstanding technologies and advanced manufacture management.



  • Scientific material matching program
  • Advanced cell design
  • Intelligent manufacturing process
  • Cell energy density ≥ 175Wh/kg
  • The PACK system passes the national
    mandatory standard test and meets various
    EV and BESS different working conditions
  • High-performance electrode materials
  • High safety electrolyte
  • High safety membrane
  • Standardized high compatibility design
  • Thermodynamic model optimization
  • Integrated cover and BMS cables
  • Rational use of space
  • Multiple parallel and series combinations
  • Intelligent energy storage solutions apply multiple needs
  • Customized voltage and capacity
  • Customized multiple operating environments