The standard battery pack is mainly used in the passenger EV cars. It is designed by standardized modular layer-by-layer concept and by optimized system structure. It realizes the energy density of pack system is in the field leading position. The system energy density is more than 140Wh/kg

A Pack Specifications C Pack Specifications D Pack Specifications
System Capacity Voltage Energy System Capacity Voltage Energy System Capacity Voltage Energy
2P System 118AH 230.4V 27.2kWh 2P System 118AH 345.6V 40.8kWh 2P System 118AH 192V 22.6kWh
3P System 177AH 153.6V 27.2kWh 3P System 177AH 230.4V 40.8kWh 3P System 177AH 128V 22.6kWh
4P System 236AH 115.2V 27.2kWh 4P System 236AH 172.8V 40.8kWh 4P System 236AH 96V 22.6kWh
6P System 354AH 76.8V 27.2kWh 6P System 354AH 115.2V 40.8kWh 6P System 354AH 64V 22.6kWh
8P System 472AH 57.6V 27.2kWh 8P System 472AH 86.4V 40.8kWh 8P System 472AH 48V 22.6kWh
Dimensions:1060mm*645*215mm Dimensions:1060mm*932*215mm Dimensions:975mm*645*215mm
IP Grade IP67 Maximum Discharge Rate 2C Quick Charge 1C (30%~80% SOC)
Working Temp Range(Charge) -5℃ ~ 60℃ Maximum Charge Rate 1C BMS Communication Port CAN
Working Temp Range(Discharge) 20℃~60℃ System Energy Density 140Wh/kg